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Loan against Credit Card Receivables

A Merchant cash advance can fund up to 95% of your small business’s future credit card and EFTPOS sales. This facility is beneficial to a wide range of  businesses with a high volume of small transaction amounts such as fashion & retail shops, club & restaurants, health and beauty, medical & health and automotive to name a few. These businesses have strong credit card and EFTPOS sales, but may not meet the bank's criteria or provide security to qualify for traditional lendin Benefits are:

  • Merchant cash advances have high approval rate over bank finance, funding to 90% of business turnover
  • There is no fixed time period to payback the advance as its calculated on a percentage of future sales
  • Unlock your business value through credit card and EFTPOS sales
  • No fixed interest rate
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • No security and no risk to your assets
  • The merchant cash advance is not reported to credit agencies, unless the merchant defaults
  • Apply online for fast unsecured short-term pre-approval compared with 30 + day bank processing

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