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Balance Transfer & Top Up

Balance Transfer is a facility offering the customer a choice to transfer the outstanding balance of the loan availed for better terms & conditions. Balance Transfer helps to move from higher rate of interest to lower rate of interest or increase in loan component as Top up.

Key Features
  • A wide range of product options with attractive fixed and floating rate options to choose from.
  • Additional top-up loan amount up to 100% of the original home loan amount at home loan rates Sometimes, by simply refinancing your existing Home Loan or Mortgage Loan or consolidating a number of debts into one loan can be enough to ease your financial burden. Contact us by filling out the form on the right of this page and outline your situation to us. We'll suggest ways you can restructure your finance to achieve most of the above benefits.

There are many reasons to do a Balance Transfer including:
  • Better interest rates - Banks offer a better interest rate. If the probability of the current lender reducing the interest rate is low, you can move your outstanding loan amount to Bank B with a minimal charge and would end up paying lower EMIs.
  • Offer by banks on Balance Transfer – Multiple banks offer an interest rate lesser by a sizeable percentage of about 2% - 3% if you undertake a Balance Transfer.
  • Service Challenge with a Bank – There could be an instance where you are not happy with the service provided by a bank and would want to move out of an association with them. You can undertake a Balance Transfer to migrate to a bank that offers better service.
  • Top-up Loan – A final scenario when you would want to go for a Balance Transfer is when you need to borrow more money. If you already have a regularly-serviced loan with a certain bank and are in need an additional loan (called a top-up), a separate bank might be willing to offer it at a better rate if you agree to transfer the outstanding balance of your current loan to them.

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